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Ready, Set, Eigo! Card Game (128 cards)

Ready, Set, Eigo! Card Game (128 cards)


*English below




  • 英語を使ったマッチングゲーム
  • 1ラウンド約10分程度
  • 英語と日本語での説明書があり
  • カードは通常のカードゲームと同じサイズなので、持ちやすく、シャッフルも簡単
  • 家族で楽しめる
  • 役に立つ英単語の写真が124枚入り
  • ルールはシンプル
  • 62枚の「イラストカード」と66枚の「説明カード」のセット
  • ネイティブ英語教師によるデザイン
対象年齢層 (説明)6歳上 ー 大人
商品寸法 (長さx幅x高さ)14.2 x 9.8 x 2.9 cm


If you're looking for a quick and fun game to play with your family, friends, students, or classmates, then Ready, set, Eigo! is a must-try! The rules are simple; the game is all about matching the picture cards in your hand to the appropriate description card after it is drawn. 

Developed in an English teaching environment, this game is proven to help children, students, and even adults learn English. The game includes hundreds of useful vocabulary and sentences that encourage natural language acquisition simply by playing the game. For use in the classroom we have some specific tips, so be sure to check them out here.Of course, this game is intended for all ages and even native speakers of English will have a great time. Buy it for your family, friends, loved ones, teachers, or recommend it to be included in your school's educational resource material library.



  • English vocabulary matching game
  • 1 game takes about 10 minutes to play
  • The instruction manual has both English and Japanese
  • The cards are the same size as a regular poker deck and can be used easily
  • Family friendly
  • Contains 124 pictures of useful English words
  • The rules are simple
  • There are 62 picture cards (double-sided) and 66 description cards included for a total of 128 cards
  • The game was designed and created by a native English teacher


Recommended age

6 years+

Product dimensions (length x width x height)

14.2 x 9.8 x 2.9 cm
Language English
Number of players2-8
  • Return policy

    There are no returns or refunds allowed.

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